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Trigger-pointing the hip

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The hips play a huge role in our general movement regardless of whether they are being used in exercise routines or simply in order to get around. Given that we now spend a significant amount of time sitting down, and consequently contracting a lot of the hip muscles for prolonged periods, it is not difficult to tire them out or have them flare up occasionally. The movement below looks at working out some of the stress that builds up over time and helps reduce some of the tension they carry.

Setting them free

It is quite a straightforward movement that …

UNITEDTrigger-pointing the hip
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Beating a pain in the neck

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Regardless of if we are super active or super inactive, over time our upper back and neck can become stiff and tense purely through the effort it takes in maintaining the balance of our head. Weighing in at approximately 5kg, keeping our cranium upright and stable over the course of a lifetime is hard work and can become an issue for the muscles supporting it. Here’s a quick tip in working out some of the tension that builds up over time.

Beating a pain in the neck

This movement can be done laying on the ground or leaning against …

UNITEDBeating a pain in the neck
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Forearm fantastico!

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If you do a lot of lifting and start to find that you are becoming tight through your shoulders, biceps, or lower arms, it is possible that the culprit may be the cheeky little string of muscles and tendons running down the top of your forearm. Giving them some love may be just what you are looking for.


Like most mobility routines on, very little equipment is required:

  • A trigger point ball (or baseball)
  • A platform or shelf (though not essential)

The movement

  1. Place the trigger point ball on the floor or platform if you have one.
  2. With
UNITEDForearm fantastico!
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The calf release

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You may not specifically work on building calf muscles as much as you may other parts of the body but that doesn’t mean that the calves won’t still need some love from time to time. The calf release is a convenient movement to do whether you are at home, the gym, or even at work if you have a spare five minutes.

The calf release movement

The calf release basically entails sitting on the ground with one leg outstretched, on top of a trigger point ball and moving around until you find a sore spot. When you are performing the …

UNITEDThe calf release
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