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Sweaty, shaky, and pale

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Whether we are going for a job interview, bungee jumping, or even just starting a conversation with a stranger, our bodies can get ridiculous and the once cool and relaxed human being we were is now wide-eyed and red face, and starting to get a sweat up – stress, tension, and anxiety. So why does this happen, and why can’t we just cut it out? Put simply, it is a protective mechanism that is hardwired in our make-up which has become mutated over time. We’ll get to the rant after the science… 


Historically, nervousness or “butterflies” were a …

UNITEDSweaty, shaky, and pale
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Servicing the guns

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Given that the sun has been out, the colloquial saying suggests that we are obliged to have our guns out. In which case, better get them ready…

Myofascial release for the biceps

This mobility exercise is even more simplified than most of our other mobility drills – you don’t even need a mobility ball. It is a two-part routine:

Part one (lower bicep)

  1. Start with one arm at a right angle, forearm parallel to the ground.
  2. Squeeze the lowest part of your bicep (right by the elbow) with your other hand and slowly open up your bent arm as far
UNITEDServicing the guns
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Forearm fantastico!

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If you do a lot of lifting and start to find that you are becoming tight through your shoulders, biceps, or lower arms, it is possible that the culprit may be the cheeky little string of muscles and tendons running down the top of your forearm. Giving them some love may be just what you are looking for.


Like most mobility routines on, very little equipment is required:

  • A trigger point ball (or baseball)
  • A platform or shelf (though not essential)

The movement

  1. Place the trigger point ball on the floor or platform if you have one.
  2. With
UNITEDForearm fantastico!
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Releasing the sole

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Despite spending a large chunk of our day on them, we probably don’t give our feet and soles the attention they deserve. They can not only be the source of tension throughout our entire lower leg, but can also compromise range of motion through the ankles and knees which can seriously hinder mobility. Spending a bit of time relaxing the soles can essentially set your legs free.

The sole release movement

Of all the mobility routines we have published on, this has to be the simplest.

  1. Place your trigger point ball (or tennis ball, baseball etc) on the
UNITEDReleasing the sole
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