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Releasing the sole

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Despite spending a large chunk of our day on them, we probably don’t give our feet and soles the attention they deserve. They can not only be the source of tension throughout our entire lower leg, but can also compromise range of motion through the ankles and knees which can seriously hinder mobility. Spending a bit of time relaxing the soles can essentially set your legs free.

The sole release movement

Of all the mobility routines we have published on, this has to be the simplest.

  1. Place your trigger point ball (or tennis ball, baseball etc) on the
UNITEDReleasing the sole
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Untightening the glutes

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If you happen to hear someone calling you a tight-ass, sure, they may be referring to your thrifty financial tendencies. However, there is a chance that they noticed a lack of mobility or limited range of motion in your hips, legs, or back and could be warning you to loosen up your glutes.

Grinding out the glutes

This is another simple mobility exercise to add to your routine. Once again, the only equipment you will require is a trigger point ball (or tennis ball, baseball etc).

  1. Place the trigger point ball on the ground so it won’t roll away.
  2. Sit
UNITEDUntightening the glutes
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The calf release

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You may not specifically work on building calf muscles as much as you may other parts of the body but that doesn’t mean that the calves won’t still need some love from time to time. The calf release is a convenient movement to do whether you are at home, the gym, or even at work if you have a spare five minutes.

The calf release movement

The calf release basically entails sitting on the ground with one leg outstretched, on top of a trigger point ball and moving around until you find a sore spot. When you are performing the …

UNITEDThe calf release
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Super Frog Groin Stretch

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Whether you are into Olympic lifting, kettlebell sets, lunges, squats, or even just casual running, keeping the groin and hip mobile is essential in maintaining form and minimising the likelihood of injury. As far as mobility efforts go, groin mobility is one of the easier areas to work on with or without the aid of equipment.

Why is it important?

Keeping the groin mobile is paramount in order to perform correct technique without discomfort.

  • Smoother range of motion: squat or lunge depth, kettlebell thrusts, or opening the hip during a lift are significantly more manageable and comfortable if the
UNITEDSuper Frog Groin Stretch
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Banded Wall Squat

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Image courtesy of Albany CrossFit

The banded wall squat is a great stretch to perform before or after a routine, particularly if that routine involves any form of squatting. It allows the athlete to arrive in a position where they can relax whilst a resistance band does most of the work.

The movement involves wrapping a resistance band around your waist and then around both knees whilst in the squat position. From there, wriggle yourself as close to a wall as possible and place the soles of your feet against the wall. Refer to the video below:

Stay in this …

UNITEDBanded Wall Squat
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