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Zombies, Run!

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A few weeks ago we posted a running challenge which entailed running everyday for 100 days. There was no prerequisite on distances or speed, just running some distance everyday for 100 days.

For a lot of people, running is fairly boring. It doesn’t come with the excitement and prestige of, say, motor-cross or alpine skiing, but is certainly an asset for health, fitness, and mobility. We have all tried running to music and perhaps running to podcasts, but sometimes that’s not enough. Well, thank goodness for Zombies, Run!.

Zombies, Run! is an app for iPhone and Android which basically …

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100 days of running

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No, we’re not being chased by the cartels. The 100 days of running challenge is part of a genius program to turn reluctant runners into reluctant runners who can now tolerate running and perhaps enjoy it to some degree. Powerful.

The 100 days of running challenge

Your first thought may be, “What? Are you mad? Have you been drinking, UNITED? Have you bumped your head? WT triple F?” Well settle down reader, just settle down, hear us out.

Running is one of those things that some people seem to do well and enjoy, naturally, and others struggle with and make …

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3000m sprint pyramid

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The 3000m sprint pyramid is a beauty for measuring maintained running speed over multiple increasing distances. It’s easy to perform, requires minimal equipment, and can be done almost anywhere.

The objective

The 3000m sprint pyramid requires the participant to record their running times over a distance of 3000m broken up into one interval each of 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, and 1000m. In-between each interval is a rest of, in order, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and 60 seconds. The overall time will be calculated as total time minus rest intervals (two minutes and 30 seconds). In other words:

  1. With
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Hamstring heaven

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Hamstrings seem to take a beating regardless of the activities we perform. Any lifting, running, or general movement from the feet or hips will require engagement from the hamstrings at some point. Here is a really basic movement for you to utilise to get those little devils loose and cooperative so you can keep your performance up.

Hamstring release equipment

Like the majority of our mobility suggestions, the hamstring release requires very little equipment:

  • A trigger-point ball
  • A flat, hard, elevated surface (hard chair, table, plyometric box, etc)

Let’s do it

Easy peasy:

  1. First up, sit on the chair/box/table as
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