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Who is Alex Viada?

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An ultra-marathon runner who can squat and deadlift 320 odd kilograms. That’s who. Thanks for reading.

Hang on, how much?

But seriously, Alex Viada is something of an anomaly in the World of fitness and strength. A tri-athlete, distance runner, and distance cyclist, Alex is also absurdly strong – a 210kg bench press PB, and a deadlift PB of 320kg. He can also run a mile (1600m) in 4 minutes 32 seconds. That’s quick. And strong. At the same time. But that’s impossible, right?

Alex Viada is the president of Complete Human Performance and author of The Hybrid Athlete, …

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Shuttle Burpee Hourglass


This routine is not only a great measure of power and agility but also an extremely effective cardio blast. It is not obscenely long but the heart rate will certainly be up by the end.


The equipment requirement for this routine is very minimal:

  • A 10 metre length of space – the backyard, gym room, a park, or even a quiet footpath will do. So long as it is 10 metres long and straight (and safe) it will be fine.
  • A stopwatch or timer.

The routine

Ultimately this routine involves completing ten shuttle runs, then ten burpees, then working …

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Illinois Agility Test

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The Illinois Agility Test is a simple agility benchmark which determines how quickly and efficiently participants can move through a weaving running course. It is not a particularly equipment-intensive routine which makes it easy to set up in a backyard, gym room, or park.


The Illinois Agility Test requires the following equipment:

  • A rectangular space of 10 metres long x 5 metres wide.
  • Four markers to weave in and out of – shoes will work fine if you don’t have traffic cones or domes. Place markers in a straight line, evenly, down the middle of the space you will
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