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This is the greatest smoothie of all time

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It is impossible for something to be objectively the “best ever”, because it would need to be statically superior in every way to everything else in its class, and be able to be measured against different contexts, environments, and scenarios. But this smoothie is the best ever, without doubt.

For breakfast, a snack, a treat, or to celebrate being tops, this smoothie is the Swiss-army knife of smoothies – the Swiss-army smoothie if you will.

Prep time: 2 mins Cook time: 1 mins Total time: 3 mins
Makes about 600mls


For a change, we are actually going to suggest …

UNITEDThis is the greatest smoothie of all time
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The Zone diet

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The Zone diet is a dietary protocol created by American biochemist Barry Sears. The Zone diet is intended to stabilise blood sugar levels, balance hormone levels, lower inflammation, and generally promote good health. The Zone diet was created by Sears to avoid the risk of heart disease which claimed all of the other men in his family.

The principal of the Zone diet is to consume three meals and two snacks each day consisting of a ratio of 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates. Calories are also a component of the Zone diet with women being allowed approximately 1200 …

UNITEDThe Zone diet
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Are protein supplements necessary?

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If the worldwide supplement industry value of US$396m is any indication, protein supplements continue to be a booming trend. But is there any actual genuine benefit to taking a protein supplement for those who already have a reasonably healthy diet? The short answer? Maybe…

Where protein supplements can be effective

Barbara Lewin, a dietitian and sports nutritionist who has worked with NFL, NBA, and NHL athletes and trained Ironman competitors suggests a few reasons why regular athletes may require more protein in their diet. Lewin identifies five groups that may require additional protein supplementation to maintain ideal health:

  1. Those experiencing
UNITEDAre protein supplements necessary?
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Protein supplements: Should I? Why? And which one?


Apart from the convenience of a liquid snack, protein supplements can offer specific fitness benefits. Whey-based protein powders for example contain high levels of branched-chain amino acids which when combined with an exercise program, can help build muscle, prevent muscle breakdown and assist in post-exercise recovery.

On the other hand, protein supplements can have a detrimental effect on the body if used incorrectly. Because of the convenience and ease of use, you may take in more protein than your body can absorb and digest which may convert to fat stores if your exercise regime is not utilising the protein in …

UNITEDProtein supplements: Should I? Why? And which one?
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