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Project UNITED: an entertaining update

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Does anyone have Froning’s number? He hasn’t been replying to our Google Plus messages…

10 months

It seems like only yesterday that we were having a horrible time discussing manufacturing options and designs with a Spanish gentleman in the Philippines. He was convinced that we could work well together but we were less confident – the fact that we couldn’t understand a word of each others language was troublesome to say the least. We decided it would probably be sensible to work with a manufacturer that we could communicate with, and upon telling Paolo the news, discovered we could in …

UNITEDProject UNITED: an entertaining update
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What’s a Kickstarter?

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Over the coming months, the UNITED team will be working on the UNITED shoe v1.0 to make sure it is athlete ready. When the v1.0 is ready to bring to the public (most likely in 2016), we plan on launching a Kickstarter project to raise the required funds to commence manufacturing and distribution. Our Kickstarter project will provide us with two critical outcomes:

  1. The finances.
  2. Confirmation that there is a place in the market for the V1.0.

We talk more about the process in The Process posts but for now, wanted to outline how Kickstarter works.

What is Kickstarter?

There …

UNITEDWhat’s a Kickstarter?
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Prototypes are on their way!

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After a whole lot of discussion and planning, we are now in the process of testing out the prototype models of the UNITED v1.0. Despite there being a WHOOOOLE lot of work to be done to get the v1.0 up to athlete standard, we are pretty excited to give the demo’s a hiding! A lot of fine shoes were destroyed in the process so that we could understand how they were made and what materials will work best. May their soles rest in peace.


Once the prototypes arrive, the UNITED athletes will put them through the wringer to see how …

UNITEDPrototypes are on their way!
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