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Understanding Stevia

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Sugar is to blame for everything: Sore leg? Sugar. Hate Monday’s? Sugar. Adam Sandler movies? Sugar.

Whilst most of that is untrue (though someone needs to be accountable for Adam Sandler movies), sugar and sweeteners are becoming a topic that more and more people understand. Most people with some interest in health will know that sugar is linked to numerous adverse health issues, and accordingly producers of sweet products have been seeking to find an alternative that can provide the delightful sweetness without the troublesome consequences. And as if by magic, Stevia entered our supermarkets.

What is Stevia?

Stevia …

UNITEDUnderstanding Stevia
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Oats: nutrient rich or nutrient risk?

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Super-food alert! Oats have been listed as one of the top 10 healthiest foods on the planet by medical publishing site, MNT (Medical News Today). MNT suggests that oats (in the form of oatmeal) can lower cholesterol, are rich in vitamin B, folate, and potassium, and are low GI (glycaemic index) meaning that they are slower to digest allowing the body more time to extract nutrients, and leave the consumer feeling satisfied for longer.

The dark side

We wanted to include a rolling tumbleweed animation here, but we didn’t have the skills.

The general consensus (to this point) is that …

UNITEDOats: nutrient rich or nutrient risk?
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The skinny on fats

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20 years ago the blanket rule on fats was that they were all bad and should all be avoided. Fats were fats and all of it was a death wish waiting to punch on with our cardiovascular system. Since then, more research has been conducted to determine what it is about fats that makes them bad for us, and potentially any positive benefits that may come from fats. When nutritionists talk about fats they usually refer to good fats and bad fats (covered off in our cooking oils article).

What is “bad fats?

Bad fats are responsible …

UNITEDThe skinny on fats
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The curious case of coconut

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Coconut seems to be one of those mysterious dietary items that at one point was just minding its own business, and then WHAM! It’s the greatest source of magnificence in the history of the world. Milk, water, oil, cream, desiccated, chunks, whole. If you aren’t on it you should be, and if you are, double it. Out of nowhere it has become one of the most talked about dietary items on the planet. As was the case with our cacao article, we heard “super-food” and thought “could be marketing cheekiness”. So we did some digging…

Coconut oil

Good times

The …

UNITEDThe curious case of coconut
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Cooking oils: the good, bad, & ugly

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Something as simple as choosing the right cooking oil can be the difference between a meal being a healthy culinary success or a greasy health risk. As the old, completely unrelated television commercial used to say: oils ain’t oils!

To skip the science and get straight to the recommendations, click here.

What’s the difference?

Fundamentally, the difference between a healthy cooking oil and an unhealthy cooking oil depends on the type of fat that it is comprised of. There are two types of fats that cooking oils derive from, being saturated fats and unsaturated fats. The difference between …

UNITEDCooking oils: the good, bad, & ugly
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Coffee: may cause spontaneous awesome

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Everyone loves coffee. Even those who say they don’t, deep down, they secretly do. It tastes great, it can be enjoyed with company, and is an entertaining alternative to adrenalin. But how good is it for your health?

The research

Harvard University recently (2015) conducted a follow-up study that examined the lifestyles of 130,000 healthy men and women aged in their 40’s and 50’s over the course of 18 to 24 years. During this period, those who passed away had their lifestyles examined to determine if coffee had played any role in their passing. According to the study, no evidence …

UNITEDCoffee: may cause spontaneous awesome
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