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A raw vegan experience


A few weeks ago, Team UNITED (so, just me) took up a raw vegan challenge – basically five days of eating in line with a raw vegan lifestyle. According to the internet, “raw veganism” is also sometimes referred to as “absolutely awful”, which we found to be more accurate.

The back-story is that when it comes to food and nutrition, about the only things I am confident in are broccoli and water. Everything else seems to be the most amazing thing ever, and dangerous, at the same time depending on who is telling the story. With this in mind, for …

UNITEDA raw vegan experience
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For love or legacy

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The Australian Open finished up at the end of last month and results aside, one of the hot topics to arise after the men’s draw was completed was if the time had come for one of the all-time greats, Roger Federer, to retire. Having been comfortably beaten by the world number one in the semi-final, media outlets and blog sites once again opened the discussion, a discussion that began around 2013How much damage can ones legacy endure?

There is no doubt that Federer is not the player he once was. The days of winning everything with his …

UNITEDFor love or legacy
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