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Getting your sweat on

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There are three types of sweat glands in the human body. Whilst all play some role in keeping us cool, some do it better than others and for different reasons:

  1. Eccrine glands aim to regulate the body’s temperature. As we heat up (through exercise or simply because it is hot), our nervous system goes to work to stimulate the eccrine glands to cool us down by releasing sweat. Primarily made up of water and sodium, the fluid coats our skin to create a coolant.
  2. Apocrine glands are found mainly in the underarm and groin regions. Although our body’s temperature can
UNITEDGetting your sweat on
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Understanding your “why”

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From time to time, training can become tiresome, a chore, or generally unfun. Some days (or weeks) the questions start running through your mind as to why you are training in the first place, and it can all become a bit of a pain in the firm-and-well-developed ass. Understanding your “why” can not only help you to rid your mind of these demons, but in some cases it may bring a sense of clarity that perhaps it is time for you to move on to something new.

Everything happens for a reason

Forget the philosophical proverb. When we say “everything” …

UNITEDUnderstanding your “why”
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30 day burpee challenge

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The Project UNITED 30 day burpee challenge comes to a close on Friday. So what did we learn?

Firstly, the numbers

Across the thirty day challenge, here are the numbers that mattered:

  • Rest days: 4
  • Days spent burpeeing: 26
  • Total burpees, beginner: 835
  • Total burpees, intermediate: 1815
  • Total burpees, advanced: 3555
  • Total burpees, elite: 3830
  • Days spent cursing the damn challenge: 29

What did we achieve?

Apart from the discipline of sticking with a 30 day fitness challenge, burpees provide a raft of health benefits across the entire body. From strength, mobility, cardio conditioning, and power, burpees are a …

UNITED30 day burpee challenge
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Who is Alex Viada?

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An ultra-marathon runner who can squat and deadlift 320 odd kilograms. That’s who. Thanks for reading.

Hang on, how much?

But seriously, Alex Viada is something of an anomaly in the World of fitness and strength. A tri-athlete, distance runner, and distance cyclist, Alex is also absurdly strong – a 210kg bench press PB, and a deadlift PB of 320kg. He can also run a mile (1600m) in 4 minutes 32 seconds. That’s quick. And strong. At the same time. But that’s impossible, right?

Alex Viada is the president of Complete Human Performance and author of The Hybrid Athlete, …

UNITEDWho is Alex Viada?
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Wait… what?

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[Written be Will Lind, co-founder of United]

What does a guy like me think when a random email drops in my inbox asking if I wanted to be part of a team developing not just a new shoe, but a new way of doing business that builds and develops fitness communities at a grass-roots level? A guy like me says, “Aw, hells yeah!”

When Andrew hit me with the Project UNITED idea, he originally pushed it from the community building aspect (he referred to it as Kevin). That’s where the vision originated and that’s the part I fell in …

UNITEDWait… what?
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“But what’s the point?”

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Putting a project together like Project UNITED takes a lot of time, money, and essentially requires the right people. The right skill-set is important, but what is more critical is for them to have genuine excitement for the project itself. Without this enthusiasm, the project is doomed before it even gets off the ground.

One of the things that makes Will a great person to work with is that he is not only big-picture capable, but he constantly asks why things are being done the way they are: are they being done for a purpose, or are they being done …

UNITED“But what’s the point?”
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A “genius” idea

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We had just completed a morning routine and were sitting around having a breather. Sweat was pouring out of us like crazy and that giddy recovery had started to replace the exhaustion. The conversation commenced by bouncing “reviews” of the routine we had just completed off each other. Basically we just swore a lot.

Once we got that out of our systems,  we moved onto general conversation – the weekend previous, the weekend coming, humorous things we encountered up to that point in the week, and new fitness purchases. One of the crew had purchased a new pair of shoes …

UNITEDA “genius” idea
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