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Dairy Abstinence April

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That title sounds a bit crook, doesn’t it…

A few years ago I attended a job interview and was predictably asked to list a couple of my weaknesses. I said “ice cream” and “pizza” and we laughed. The interviewer then asked, “No really, what are some of your weaknesses?” I started crying and again said “ice cream” and “pizza”…

Whilst that anecdote is not completely accurate, there are elements of truth to it. And given that it has been a few months since we have rolled out one of our world-famous challenges, we thought, “Let’s start a dairy free challenge …

UNITEDDairy Abstinence April
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Non-dairy milk alternatives

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For any number of reasons, choosing non-dairy milk alternatives has become increasingly popular. We have chosen five non-dairy based alternatives to profile for those considering a mooove (lols) away from animal milks:

  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Oat
  • Rice
  • Soy

All of these varieties have their benefits, all have a unique flavour, and all have varying degrees of nutritional value.

Almond milk


Pros Cons
  • Typically contains as much calcium and vitamin D as cow’s milk.
  • Rich in other vitamins and minerals including potassium, manganese, magnesium, vitamin E, copper and selenium.
  • Low in saturated fat and has no dietary
UNITEDNon-dairy milk alternatives
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The definitive(ish) guide to Paleo

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If you want to divide a social function into two perfectly opposed halves, raise the topic of Paleo, or, The Paleolithic Diet. Some people live by it and those who don’t will likely have friends who like to bring it up at every opportunity. Regardless, it is extremely popular and commonly misunderstood.

Paleolithic defined

Paleolithic is a period of existence that has been defined as approximately 2.5 million years ago, characterised by the creation of basic chipped stone tools as used by early human beings. Quite commonly this period is referred to as the Stone Age. Food …

UNITEDThe definitive(ish) guide to Paleo
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