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Alcoholic beverages: the healthier options

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Firstly let us clarify that “healthier” doesn’t mean “healthy”, but sometimes we feel compelled to have a drink. So if you plan to get loose but still have half an eye on your health, hopefully this will shed some light on your options.

The serious bit

Alcohol is part of our culture. Deaths, births, wins, loses, breakups, hook-ups, weekends, any other day. We like it and we do it a lot.

Every year, more than 5500 Australians die from alcohol related illnesses, and more than 157,000 people spend time in hospital due to alcohol related illnesses or behaviour. It …

UNITEDAlcoholic beverages: the healthier options
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Say it ain’t so: the red wine myth

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Back in the early 2000’s, humankind broke into delirium at what was the greatest research discovery in the history of existence at the time. Red wine had been labelled a health food (rejoice!) due to its alleged ability to reduce the signs of aging and aid heart health. A polyphenol known as resveratrol was at the centre of the claims with researchers suggesting resveratrol (abundant in red grapes) had various anti-inflammatory properties and may provide other health benefits. However, more recently this has been found to be unsubstantiated and generally false.

Recent findings

An article published on the website for …

UNITEDSay it ain’t so: the red wine myth
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The definitive(ish) guide to Paleo

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If you want to divide a social function into two perfectly opposed halves, raise the topic of Paleo, or, The Paleolithic Diet. Some people live by it and those who don’t will likely have friends who like to bring it up at every opportunity. Regardless, it is extremely popular and commonly misunderstood.

Paleolithic defined

Paleolithic is a period of existence that has been defined as approximately 2.5 million years ago, characterised by the creation of basic chipped stone tools as used by early human beings. Quite commonly this period is referred to as the Stone Age. Food …

UNITEDThe definitive(ish) guide to Paleo
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