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UNITED: where the project is up to

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Early on in the piece, we mentioned that the purpose of Project UNITED was to provide information and education to our community on the importance and significance of good health and active lifestyles. Apart from doing so through various genius informational blog posts, our mid-term plan is to host a few seminars and expos for our community covering off on key elements of good health – mental welfare, physical well-being, engaging in communities, nutritious eating habits, being a healthy influence, etc. At this stage, we hope to host our first event in October 2016. Yes – OMG, YOLO, and …

UNITEDUNITED: where the project is up to
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How to get on before Christmas

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As you know, nothing says you’re an appreciated family member like stylish sports clothes that support a greater cause. With this in mind, thank goodness for Project UNITED’s range of men’s and ladies sports tops!

Whilst that was overtly gratuitous, we did want to get a message out for anyone looking to acquire said items of clothing before December 25. There are three ways you can purchase Project UNITED gear and pending Australia Post’s efficiency, there’s no need to panic.

  1. Online: Head over to our online store here. We accept all methods – PayPal, credit cards, bank transfers, World
UNITEDHow to get on before Christmas
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Community and contribution

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Project UNITED was born out of a desire to strengthen communities through good health and wellness, and use collective resources to contribute towards the growth and development of these communities. As a prophecy, that sounds delightful. But what does it actually mean?


Occasionally (potentially powered by The Walking Dead series), the Project UNITED team find it to be a useful exercise to imagine what our lives would be like if there were no councils, governments or laws, or law enforcement bodies to direct and protect us. Where would we be up to if we were left to our own …

UNITEDCommunity and contribution
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30 day burpee challenge

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The Project UNITED 30 day burpee challenge comes to a close on Friday. So what did we learn?

Firstly, the numbers

Across the thirty day challenge, here are the numbers that mattered:

  • Rest days: 4
  • Days spent burpeeing: 26
  • Total burpees, beginner: 835
  • Total burpees, intermediate: 1815
  • Total burpees, advanced: 3555
  • Total burpees, elite: 3830
  • Days spent cursing the damn challenge: 29

What did we achieve?

Apart from the discipline of sticking with a 30 day fitness challenge, burpees provide a raft of health benefits across the entire body. From strength, mobility, cardio conditioning, and power, burpees are a …

UNITED30 day burpee challenge
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Project UNITED: an entertaining update

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Does anyone have Froning’s number? He hasn’t been replying to our Google Plus messages…

10 months

It seems like only yesterday that we were having a horrible time discussing manufacturing options and designs with a Spanish gentleman in the Philippines. He was convinced that we could work well together but we were less confident – the fact that we couldn’t understand a word of each others language was troublesome to say the least. We decided it would probably be sensible to work with a manufacturer that we could communicate with, and upon telling Paolo the news, discovered we could in …

UNITEDProject UNITED: an entertaining update
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Project UNITED shirts are live!

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As the old saying goes, the way to a mans heart is through his t-shirt

We are over the moon to announce the release of our first official product, the UNITED performance tee series. The shirts are a light tri-blend material available in Slate (dark grey), UNITED Blue (pretty much just a regular blue) and OMGyellow (eye-burning fluorescent yellow).

We had given the prototypes an absolute flogging over the course of the last few months to ensure that they hold their shape and maintain their colour even after being put through weeks of workouts, washing machines, and dryers. Having …

UNITEDProject UNITED shirts are live!
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The UNITED Shoe v1.0 review

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A few months ago we acquired a few prototypes of the UNITED shoe v1.0 – Project UNITED’s “first draft” of our multi-purpose fitness shoe. The v1.0 was based on shoe models created by market leaders but modified enough to suit the needs of our community, and also to avoid getting brutally sued.

The prototypes were field-tested to see how they performed under the types of strain we’d expect most active footwear to handle. For the most part, they handled it okay, though there was certainly a lot of room for improvement.

Shoe anatomy


The v1.0 was designed and constructed to deliver …

UNITEDThe UNITED Shoe v1.0 review
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Prototypes are on their way!

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After a whole lot of discussion and planning, we are now in the process of testing out the prototype models of the UNITED v1.0. Despite there being a WHOOOOLE lot of work to be done to get the v1.0 up to athlete standard, we are pretty excited to give the demo’s a hiding! A lot of fine shoes were destroyed in the process so that we could understand how they were made and what materials will work best. May their soles rest in peace.


Once the prototypes arrive, the UNITED athletes will put them through the wringer to see how …

UNITEDPrototypes are on their way!
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