Dairy Abstinence April

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That title sounds a bit crook, doesn’t it…

A few years ago I attended a job interview and was predictably asked to list a couple of my weaknesses. I said “ice cream” and “pizza” and we laughed. The interviewer then asked, “No really, what are some of your weaknesses?” I started crying and again said “ice cream” and “pizza”…

Whilst that anecdote is not completely accurate, there are elements of truth to it. And given that it has been a few months since we have rolled out one of our world-famous challenges, we thought, “Let’s start a dairy free challenge …

UNITEDDairy Abstinence April
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CrossFit: a newwies guide

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Is there anything more misunderstood than CrossFit (emo kids maybe)? At Project UNITED, we don’t care what you do for fitness, just so long as you do something. But for the newwies who don’t know much about CrossFit besides YouTube fails, here are our top five moments of clarity:

1. “WoD”

“WoD” simply stands for “Workout of the Day”. Yes, it absolutely should be “WotD”, but it isn’t. Most CrossFit affiliates will assign set workouts each day depending on their programming schedule. Some days will feature more than one “WoD”, which further reinforces the inaccuracy of the acronym. We prefer …

UNITEDCrossFit: a newwies guide
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A man and some painkillers


I was at a not-for-profit networking function a few weeks ago to see what other people were up to and to see if I could steal any great ideas for Project UNITED. I met a man who was part of a project for getting young adults off painkillers. As usual, rather than gently engaging in conversation, I started hammering him with questions. Unusually, this gentleman didn’t find an excuse to leave, he stayed and answered everything I asked. After I had heard some of his answers, I told him about Project UNITED and asked if I could write about his …

UNITEDA man and some painkillers
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Rio Olympics 2016: A collection of mind-blowing insights

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Unless you have been hiding underneath a low-set bed, you will have been exposed to the almost suffocating coverage of the 2016 Olympics (not to mention the raft of upcoming reality shows on the host broadcasting network). At Project UNITED, we love sports and we love observing things, so here are some observations we made of the collection of sports at the Olympics (and various themes).

There is no denying that the purity of the Olympics is pretty well shot

Apart from Coca Cola and McDonald’s owning the major food and beverage rights for the event (makes sense – junk …

UNITEDRio Olympics 2016: A collection of mind-blowing insights
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What if we had to qualify for free healthcare?


With the voting element of the Federal Election having calmly and peacefully (lols) passed us by over the weekend, a few of the policies came up in conversation which manifested into the concept for this blog post.

To avoid the risk of losing any of our 11 subscribers, we won’t get into opinions or preferences, but I did hear one proposition which I thought made some sense in relation to the public healthcare system.

Having free (or basically free) education and healthcare is a pretty great thing. Sure, textbooks and uniforms cost money, and sometimes queues at the hospital are …

UNITEDWhat if we had to qualify for free healthcare?
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Flu shot frenzy: are they worth a shot?

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A more appropriate title would have been “Everything I could find out about flu shots based on secondary research”…

Not so spectacular…

As the cold weather rolls in, flu shot wounds are quickly becoming the latest must-have upper-arm accessory. Walk into any pharmacy and more than likely you will be able to pay a few dollars for the privilege before sitting quietly for 10 minutes to ensure you don’t burst into flames, and then depart feeling invincible and flu-proof. But with mass-hysteria usually comes a dash of proof, and a flood of hype (Exhibit A: PowerBalance Bands).

According to …

UNITEDFlu shot frenzy: are they worth a shot?
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The difference between communication and message exchange

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I must confess to being one of those emailer’s that starts most emails with a greeting of some description and some manner of corresponding well-wishes, e.g. “Hi wife, I hope you have enjoyed our time together as a married couple”, before getting into the crux of the message (which usually ends with “…it was like that when I found it”). In a professional environment though, I have been part of many discussions about how to best communicate with colleagues, and on numerous occasions been advised that not only are pleasantries unnecessary, but are inefficient as the “hello, hope you are …

UNITEDThe difference between communication and message exchange
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6 foods we miss most as vego’s

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Mrs UNITED and I are vegetarians and have been for about five years. We aren’t ranty painful vegetarians, just a regular, highly attractive couple that don’t eat meat. It has been pointed out that as a vegetarian CrossFit athlete myself who cuts his own hair, it is a miracle that I have any friends at all, but for the record, I am very happy with the one I have. Hello Matthew.

There is no doubt that vego’s miss out on some kickass foods, and based on our last five years of meatlessness, here are our six most regretful sacrifices:


UNITED6 foods we miss most as vego’s
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Top #5 breakfast venues in Brisbane

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…for vegetarians in Brisbane’s inner South East. Yes that is very specific.

Intro and caveats

Over the course of the last two and a half years or so, Mrs UNITED and I (yes that’s right, I’m married, sorry ladies) have journeyed across the inner South Eastern suburbs of Brisbane doing breakfast on most Friday mornings at any new and exciting establishments that we can find (I’ll be the one wearing at UNITED shirt, not because I am peddling my own brand, but because I don’t really have any other clothes). We aren’t “foodies”, so we certainly don’t have any credibility …

UNITEDTop #5 breakfast venues in Brisbane
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Know your illegal performance enhancing drugs

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In the last few weeks there have been a couple of high profile athletes who have found themselves embroiled in performance enhancing drug (PED) scandals. Maria Sharapova was served first, then only this week, Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne, Australia’s newest boxing champion had his career threatened by allegedly returning a positive drug test. Both of these cases were on the back of the Essendon doping saga and the Cronulla Sharks (alleged) peptide program. Given the frequency and high-profile nature of these cases, we thought we’d take a look at some of the more commonly used (or mentioned) performance …

UNITEDKnow your illegal performance enhancing drugs
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The addict athlete

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Years ago, approximately 30 P.A. (Pre Addiction), times were much simpler. Fathers, or father figures got up each morning and went off to their day jobs, jobs that they probably did because they had to, not because they wanted to. Mortgages needed paying, groceries needed funding, and perhaps a holiday or new car needed saving for. Mothers perhaps also worked in a necessity job, and most likely took the major share in taking care of the children. The children didn’t do much, but the next 30 years or so would be all about them…

0 to 3 years

Pretty much …

UNITEDThe addict athlete
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Zombies, Run!

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A few weeks ago we posted a running challenge which entailed running everyday for 100 days. There was no prerequisite on distances or speed, just running some distance everyday for 100 days.

For a lot of people, running is fairly boring. It doesn’t come with the excitement and prestige of, say, motor-cross or alpine skiing, but is certainly an asset for health, fitness, and mobility. We have all tried running to music and perhaps running to podcasts, but sometimes that’s not enough. Well, thank goodness for Zombies, Run!.

Zombies, Run! is an app for iPhone and Android which basically …

UNITEDZombies, Run!
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Know your docos, part #2

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In Know your docos part #1, we covered off on Food Inc, Earthlings, Cowspiracy, and Forks over Knives. Today we look at

  • Food Matters
  • That Sugar Film
  • Super Size Me
  • Fed Up

Food Matters

IMDb rating: 3.9/5

Synopsis: Food Matter examines how the food we eat can help or hurt our health. Nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors, and journalists weigh in on topics such as organic food, food safety, raw foodism, and nutritional therapy. [Source: IMDb]

Directed by: James Colquhoun, director and producer of nutrition related documentaries, and Carlo Ledesma, director and writer who has worked …

UNITEDKnow your docos, part #2
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Know your docos, part #1

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At Project UNITED, we love a good doco even if it wreaks of agenda and bias (actually no, we hate that). As any good conversationalist will know, when you start referring to documentaries as sources of information in general conversation, typically someone comes flying from across the room to confront you with, “Yeah but who paid for it? Who’s peddling the agenda? Which industry is driving the film?” To defuse this situation, raise “Paleo” as a subject matter and your tenacious friend (and anyone within a two metre radius) will be nowhere to be seen. Crisis averted.

But in all …

UNITEDKnow your docos, part #1
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For love or legacy

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The Australian Open finished up at the end of last month and results aside, one of the hot topics to arise after the men’s draw was completed was if the time had come for one of the all-time greats, Roger Federer, to retire. Having been comfortably beaten by the world number one in the semi-final, media outlets and blog sites once again opened the discussion, a discussion that began around 2013How much damage can ones legacy endure?

There is no doubt that Federer is not the player he once was. The days of winning everything with his …

UNITEDFor love or legacy
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Ever been showrooming?

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[This article arose on the back of the purchase of a new pair of running shoes. The shoes in question were cheaper online than in store, but the store was used in order to determine shoe size. Various discussions were initiated to determine the morality of such behaviour. A blog post ensued…]

If you have ever gone into a bricks-and-mortar store to try something on, and then gone ahead and bought it online elsewhere, you have just engaged in the act of “showrooming”, the practice of using the services of a physical outlet to determine your size or …

UNITEDEver been showrooming?
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Five unusual Christmas foods that are quite… unusual

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Each year, my mum whips up her famous trifle. Though each year it is becoming more and more like a bowl of brandy that some cake pieces fell into. With that in mind, here are five highly unusual Christmas foods that you may care to avoid.

The unusual Christmas foods list

1. Fried Mopane (fried caterpillars), South Africa

Mopane caterpillars are large thick worms that live on the Mopane trees in South Africa. Mopane are black in colour with green and yellow bands wrapped around their bodies. They are scaly, and use short black or red spines as protection. The …

UNITEDFive unusual Christmas foods that are quite… unusual
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Getting your sweat on

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There are three types of sweat glands in the human body. Whilst all play some role in keeping us cool, some do it better than others and for different reasons:

  1. Eccrine glands aim to regulate the body’s temperature. As we heat up (through exercise or simply because it is hot), our nervous system goes to work to stimulate the eccrine glands to cool us down by releasing sweat. Primarily made up of water and sodium, the fluid coats our skin to create a coolant.
  2. Apocrine glands are found mainly in the underarm and groin regions. Although our body’s temperature can
UNITEDGetting your sweat on
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Understanding your “why”

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From time to time, training can become tiresome, a chore, or generally unfun. Some days (or weeks) the questions start running through your mind as to why you are training in the first place, and it can all become a bit of a pain in the firm-and-well-developed ass. Understanding your “why” can not only help you to rid your mind of these demons, but in some cases it may bring a sense of clarity that perhaps it is time for you to move on to something new.

Everything happens for a reason

Forget the philosophical proverb. When we say “everything” …

UNITEDUnderstanding your “why”
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Keep-cool strategies

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Well, the hot weather has arrived and it’s time to start implementing your keep-cool strategies. If you don’t have any, don’t even fret. You are welcome to use some of ours.

Project UNITED’s Keep-cool strategies

Getting heat stroke or even just getting uncomfortably hot is certainly not enjoyable. Heat stroke in particular can be a huge concern if symptoms aren’t addressed in a timely manner. Headaches, exhaustion, fatigue spanning days, and potential death are all symptoms of heat and sun stroke. Having a couple of the strategies below at your disposal can help keep you comfortable and cool during …

UNITEDKeep-cool strategies
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