Mobility for your mind

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We often talk about working on specific muscle groups in order to keep the body limber and calm. Today we look at mobility for the mind.

Less chaos, more meditation

Meditation is one of the most commonly misunderstood “therapies” on the planet. When we think of “meditation” there are no doubt a heap of cliché’s which pass through our thoughts and instantly disconnect ourselves from what could be a truly calming experience. But if we can get beyond these stereotypes, meditation can become an essential relaxation tool in our kit-bag that we will never leave home without.

Who uses meditation?

UNITEDMobility for your mind
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Understanding your “why”

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From time to time, training can become tiresome, a chore, or generally unfun. Some days (or weeks) the questions start running through your mind as to why you are training in the first place, and it can all become a bit of a pain in the firm-and-well-developed ass. Understanding your “why” can not only help you to rid your mind of these demons, but in some cases it may bring a sense of clarity that perhaps it is time for you to move on to something new.

Everything happens for a reason

Forget the philosophical proverb. When we say “everything” …

UNITEDUnderstanding your “why”
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Keep-cool strategies

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Well, the hot weather has arrived and it’s time to start implementing your keep-cool strategies. If you don’t have any, don’t even fret. You are welcome to use some of ours.

Project UNITED’s Keep-cool strategies

Getting heat stroke or even just getting uncomfortably hot is certainly not enjoyable. Heat stroke in particular can be a huge concern if symptoms aren’t addressed in a timely manner. Headaches, exhaustion, fatigue spanning days, and potential death are all symptoms of heat and sun stroke. Having a couple of the strategies below at your disposal can help keep you comfortable and cool during …

UNITEDKeep-cool strategies
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The kneeling squat jump

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The kneeling squat jump is a new favourite at Project UNITED. It is a ripper movement for developing explosive power through one’s hips, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It is also quite a useful movement for getting used to dropping into a full depth squat for those who are working on Olympic lifts.

The movement

  1. Begin kneeling on the floor with your chest facing forward.
  2. Tucking your toes under is optional, though not tucking your toes under does make the movement a little more difficult.
  3. Sit back until you are sitting on or close to your feet, keeping your chest forward.
UNITEDThe kneeling squat jump
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The wall-climber is a cracking skill to master that not only gives your core a hiding, but also aids in the progression of becoming a handstand push-up master. We’ll look at the handstand push-up later, but for now, here is the wall-climber.

Get uuurrrppp!

The video below does a great job at explaining the wall-climber. But in summary, here it is:

If you have a piece of chalk or something you can mark the ground with, it can be useful to mark hand positions to ensure you reach the full positions.

  1. Start by lying flat on the ground, on your
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The pistol squat

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The pistol squat (or one legged squat) is one of those beasty body-weight movements that can take some time to master, but once conquered, can become a weapon for lower body strength work. Even if you are not at pistol mastery just yet, there are a number of progressions you can consider to work towards a free-standing pistol squat. Firstly, let’s have a look at the pistol squat movement.

Get down!

The objective of the pistol squat is to lower one’s body to the ground and back up, on one leg, with the other leg outstretched forward, parallel to the …

UNITEDThe pistol squat
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Illinois Agility Test

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The Illinois Agility Test is a simple agility benchmark which determines how quickly and efficiently participants can move through a weaving running course. It is not a particularly equipment-intensive routine which makes it easy to set up in a backyard, gym room, or park.


The Illinois Agility Test requires the following equipment:

  • A rectangular space of 10 metres long x 5 metres wide.
  • Four markers to weave in and out of – shoes will work fine if you don’t have traffic cones or domes. Place markers in a straight line, evenly, down the middle of the space you will
UNITEDIllinois Agility Test
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Dude, where’s my motivation?

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Motivation waivers. That’s just how it is. It can waiver for a few days, weeks, or months depending on your strategy to address the source of your lack of motivation. Sometimes it can last for so long that your desire to reconnect with whatever you lost motivation from can disappear into the past altogether. That makes us sad at UNITED, and we don’t enjoy sad. We enjoy kickass.

Why motivation waivers

There are a handful of core circumstances as to why motivation waivers. It could be any one of these, or a combination of. Sometimes determining which is …

UNITEDDude, where’s my motivation?
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