Dairy Abstinence April

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That title sounds a bit crook, doesn’t it…

A few years ago I attended a job interview and was predictably asked to list a couple of my weaknesses. I said “ice cream” and “pizza” and we laughed. The interviewer then asked, “No really, what are some of your weaknesses?” I started crying and again said “ice cream” and “pizza”…

Whilst that anecdote is not completely accurate, there are elements of truth to it. And given that it has been a few months since we have rolled out one of our world-famous challenges, we thought, “Let’s start a dairy free challenge ON EASTER SUNDAY!” Eff yes.

Why bother?

About six years ago, I decided to try vegetarianism. The reason being that I was having some very minor health and fitness issues (when I say “issues” I just wasn’t at the fitness level I wanted to be at. My general health was fine though.) I read about an NFL player who went vego and had less injuries and generally better health as a result, so I gave it a go.

Within about a month of going veg, I had become leaner and fitter, and generally felt better. I have been a vegetarian since, but I’m most proud of not being one of those asshole vegetarians that put stickers on their cars. Just kidding. They’re okay.

Over the last few years I have tried various other dietary challenges – gluten and sugar free months, caffeine free days (which sucked the most), and a raw vegan challenge which, as far as I’m concerned, is actually impossible unless you can reprogram your brain starting with your core beliefs and life goals. Seriously, my resolve when it comes to challenges is pretty good, but the raw vegan jobby was brutal after two days. The best I could accomplish was two on, one off for a fortnight. Always hungry, always vague, always irate.

The one thing that never crossed my mind was to drop dairy. Admittedly the extent of my dairy intake is usually limited to pizza or ice cream, but regardless, I thought it might be entertaining to put a bullet in my most favourite cheats – pizza, ice cream, chocolate, and sexy milk baths (jokes. Settle down.)

The details

No dairy for April. That’s it.

I was going to do a before-and-after photo thing, but I think they have been done to death and don’t usually tell the whole story. Instead, I will do a state-of-mind assessment at the end of April and compare it to one I did on March 31. My wife saw me doing it on Saturday and asked me if there is anything below “fucking mental”. I was pleased that she was taking an interest in my extra-curricular activities.

I will post a few updates periodically if they have any entertainment value, like if I end up at Max Brenner with a bottle of sparkling mineral water. Good times.

Peace out team, and happy Easter period.

UNITEDDairy Abstinence April

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