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A few days in the life of a raw vegan

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[Please note that the UNITED household is a vegetarian household so whilst we may take the piss out of vegans, it’s from a place of love and admiration, and some dietary frustration.]

According to probably science, the two hardest things in life are giving birth, particularly if the child has a head as big as mine was, and living a raw vegan lifestyle. This week we have decided to take on the easier of these two scenarios – raw veganism.


From the outside, raw veganism may seem like a lifestyle of self-righteous eating habits that needs validation through Instagram, but this skeptical view isn’t completely accurate. The concept of raw veganism is fundamentally to eat purely – free of additives, artificial ingredients and processed foods, and to minimise one’s impact on other living beings. It is effectively a bare-bones approach to nutrition – pick it or dig it up, and eat it.

From a health perspective, legitimate science has found that the value of raw or heated vegetables largely depends on the vegetable. Broccoli for example is more nutritious when consumed raw (perhaps sprinkled with a dash of sand for flavour), whilst the anti-oxidant value of tomatoes increases when heated. From an environmental perspective, not requiring energy to cook, farm, or harvest animals significantly reduces the impact our eating habits can have on the planet.

There are some claims that a raw food diet can help manage cancer symptoms in some cases, though this is largely unsubstantiated.

The raw vegan challenge

The idea of eating nothing but raw fruit and veges, nuts and grains seems so joyless and difficult that we thought we should try it. As we all know, there is nothing easier than to cast aspersions at someone or something without actually ever trying to understand it. So for the next five days, the plan is to eat nothing but uncooked fruit and vegetables that we acquire from our local farmers market.


I don’t believe I am a good enough food magician to be able to actually make enough tolerable raw food meals, so I am basically going in with a smoothie philosophy. I have acquired a range of fruit and vegetables based on nutritional content rather than taste so that theoretically I am consuming as nutritiously as possible. Under normal circumstances I am not a huge eater so hopefully volume won’t be an issue, but if it is, I might just have to take the occasional tactical nap.

I will post a follow up next week with the findings. If you would like to keep up with the process, we are on Insty and Facey.

UNITEDA few days in the life of a raw vegan

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