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A ban on barcodes

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Hi team, welcome to October.

Having watched our fair share of food/health/industry related documentaries, the most recent being Food Choices, the common thread is that a plant-based whole-foods diet is favoured as the most environmentally sustainable, and best for ideal human health. Aggressive debates aside, it seemed to us that the logical progression from being an observer was to become a participant. Whilst the Project UNITED household has been a vegetarian household for about five years, we (well, me. I’m pretty sure Mrs UNITED will shake her head and leave the room) have decided to accept the challenge and eat barcode-free for seven days. This means that everything we (me) will eat for a seven day period will be combinations of foods that are free of packaging – basically produce I can get from Mt Gravatt Markets (fruit, vegetables, herbs, and grains if I can find any that aren’t packaged). A couple of notable terms and exceptions:

  1. Given that there is not a lot of seasonal hunting in Brisbane these days, animal products are out. We have our own chooks though, so eggs are allowed.
  2. If I can’t find open-source legit oats anywhere, I may have to acquire a bag of oats from somewhere, but rest assured they will be hectically overpriced, organic, certified, superfood grade oats.
  3. Coffee. I consider my first cup of coffee in the morning as a gift, one of those small pleasures we as human-beings often take for granted. So coffee stays, but as per point 2 above, I will track down some offensively overpriced, organic, fair-trade, sustainable beans.

I have never been one to think too long about a plan, so let’s start tomorrow (October 5th, 2016). I will post updates via Facebook and Insty. Should be a breeze…

UNITEDA ban on barcodes

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