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The triple mayhem

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If you are ever at home and feel like doing some exercise but don’t know what to do or aren’t sure how long to do it for, here is a really neat routine that only lasts for 11 minutes but will seriously get the heart racing. It requires nothing but your body, and preferably a flat space. The idea is to blitz yourself over a three-minute period, take a quick break, and do it again, and again.

The triple mayhem

The triple mayhem works like this (movements standards at the bottom of this post):

Start a running clock

  1. In the first minute, complete as many regular push-ups as possible. Carry on until the first minute expires.
  2. In the second minute, complete as many air-squats as possible. Carry on until the second minute expires.
  3. In the third minute, complete as many burpees as possible. Carry on until the third minutes expires.
  4. Rest for one minute.
  5. Repeat the above cycle two more times so that you will have completed three cycles total.

It’s a pretty easy routine in terms of movements, but working to capacity for three minutes, three times, will have you blowing by the end, and it only takes about 11 minutes of your day. If you have the space, throw in a 100m sprint after each round for an extra cardio burst.

Push-up standard

Air-squat standard

Burpee standard

UNITEDThe triple mayhem

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