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30 day burpee challenge

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The Project UNITED burpeessuck.com 30 day burpee challenge comes to a close on Friday. So what did we learn?

Firstly, the numbers

Across the thirty day challenge, here are the numbers that mattered:

  • Rest days: 4
  • Days spent burpeeing: 26
  • Total burpees, beginner: 835
  • Total burpees, intermediate: 1815
  • Total burpees, advanced: 3555
  • Total burpees, elite: 3830
  • Days spent cursing the damn challenge: 29

What did we achieve?

Apart from the discipline of sticking with a 30 day fitness challenge, burpees provide a raft of health benefits across the entire body. From strength, mobility, cardio conditioning, and power, burpees are a weapon when it comes to health:

Endurance and strength

Doing one burpee every now and then may not provide any great results, but over the course of a few weeks or more, the regularity of doing sets of burpees will not only improve the strength and endurance in your legs, core and shoulders, but also provide a lot of stability through the shoulders and hips (assuming correct form is used). This can be very useful for anyone who does a lot of other shoulder or hip work such as chin-ups, squats and bar work.


As your burpee technique develops, you cannot help but become more powerful through the hips, legs, and chest as the movement itself requires an explosion in these areas to get the movement working. Repeating the process daily or weekly can only improve the explosive power in your legs and upper body.

They are free and portable

Most people are born with a burpee kit and the space to practice them. The may not be as sexy as kettlebell work, or as beasty as deadlifts, but they cost you nothing, they fit in the car, they are weather proof, and are suitable indoors and out (yes, we are still talking about burpees).

Now what?

Well, let’s have a rest firstly. But why not schedule in a burpee “top-up” every couple of weeks to keep your form and confidence at its optimum? At some point in early 2016 we will go again so keep an eye out and prepare your friends. Nothing is ever as bad if you can drag some friends into the mess along with you.

UNITED30 day burpee challenge

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