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Liberating shin town

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Legs: at Project UNITED, we call them “Swiss Army Limbs” because they do everything. They get us out of bed, they get us around, they drive our car (apart from the steering bit), and they are usually at least somewhat responsible for delivering some form of exercise to us depending on our routines. Cat’s in the way? Legs have the solution. Arms full and you need to close the door somehow? Legs fix that too. Needless to say then that at some point, your shins like most other parts of your legs will probably need some work. And now’s a good time to start.

Begone, shin demons

Loosening up the shins is a pretty easy process, it just takes a bit of time and consistent application. It can be done anywhere (although it would be hard on a boat I would think) and uses only the trusty trigger point ball (or baseball, cricket ball etc). The idea is to work the trigger point ball up and down the shin muscle to help roll out some of the tension.

  1. Start by kneeling on the ground on “all fours”.
  2. Place the trigger point ball by either side of your body on the ground about half way along one shin.
  3. Raise that leg and lower onto the trigger point ball.
  4. Gently move your leg around on top of the trigger point ball until you find a tense area of the muscle running down the outside of your shin bone.
  5. Work length ways (from knee to toe and vice versa) over the tense area for a minute or two. If you are just starting out with this type of mobility, don’t go too hard too soon. It will just hurt like mad.
  6. A couple of minutes per day and a few days per week will certainly begin to bring some freedom back to the shins.
  7. See demo video below (TriggerPoint Tuesday guy is using a roller instead of a trigger point ball).

Shin tightness can be a royal pain in the butt for any type of athlete but particularly runners and those who have issues with shin splints. This routine is quick, requires minimal equipment, and could save you from a world of hurt down the track.

UNITEDLiberating shin town

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