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Forearm fantastico!

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If you do a lot of lifting and start to find that you are becoming tight through your shoulders, biceps, or lower arms, it is possible that the culprit may be the cheeky little string of muscles and tendons running down the top of your forearm. Giving them some love may be just what you are looking for.


Like most mobility routines on ProjectUNITED.com.au, very little equipment is required:

  • A trigger point ball (or baseball)
  • A platform or shelf (though not essential)

The movement

  1. Place the trigger point ball on the floor or platform if you have one.
  2. With your palm facing the sky, place the top of your forearm onto the ball.
  3. Apply pressure either by using your body weight to lean into the movement, or use the other hand to push down on the forearm.
  4. Move your arm around until you find any knots or stiffness. At this point you can apply pressure for 30 seconds or so, or roll the ball up and down the length of your forearm over the tight area.
  5. Continue for two or three minutes and change arms. See demo video below.

It is very easy and quite common for forearms to become so stressed that nerve function may be restricted in some cases, causing discomfort. This movement may alleviate this from developing, however if you are feeling soreness or unusual stress in any region, be sure to see a GP, physio or specialist.

UNITEDForearm fantastico!

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