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Releasing the sole

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Despite spending a large chunk of our day on them, we probably don’t give our feet and soles the attention they deserve. They can not only be the source of tension throughout our entire lower leg, but can also compromise range of motion through the ankles and knees which can seriously hinder mobility. Spending a bit of time relaxing the soles can essentially set your legs free.

The sole release movement

Of all the mobility routines we have published on ProjectUNITED.com.au, this has to be the simplest.

  1. Place your trigger point ball (or tennis ball, baseball etc) on the ground so that it won’t roll away. Next to a wall may be useful to allow you to lean against the wall.
  2. Start by standing on the trigger point ball around the ball of your foot. This will begin stretching out your soul.
  3. Work your way back to your heel stopping every few cms and applying pressure.
  4. For a more dynamic stretch, lean against a wall (for support) and with applied pressure, roll the trigger point ball in straight lines from the ball of your foot to the heel, and back. Make sure you work your way from the outside edge of your sole to your instep.
  5. Refer to the video below for guidance.

Our feet take a hiding everyday, even if we are simply walking around an office. Incorporating sole release mobility into your routine will help keep your legs loose, your feet relaxed, and return mobility to your ankles and knees.

UNITEDReleasing the sole

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