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Untightening the glutes

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If you happen to hear someone calling you a tight-ass, sure, they may be referring to your thrifty financial tendencies. However, there is a chance that they noticed a lack of mobility or limited range of motion in your hips, legs, or back and could be warning you to loosen up your glutes.

Grinding out the glutes

This is another simple mobility exercise to add to your routine. Once again, the only equipment you will require is a trigger point ball (or tennis ball, baseball etc).

  1. Place the trigger point ball on the ground so it won’t roll away.
  2. Sit yourself down and place your left or right buttock onto the ball. Be sure to take up some pressure with your arms – if you lower yourself down too quickly and hit a knot, you’ll know it!
  3. There are two areas we can work from this position – the gluteus maximus (the larger muscle in the middle of the buttock), and the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus (the side of the buttock). Carefully pivot yourself around on top of the ball until you find a knot in the gluteal muscles and slowly roll around working that area.
  4. Alternatively, start from one side of the buttock and work yourself forwards and backwards creating straight lines with the trigger point ball. This ensures that the entire area receives some attention. Work towards the other side of your buttock maintaining a system of straight lines so that all of the muscle is serviced.
  5. The same can be applied to the outer buttock (medius and minimus). It can be tricky getting into position but well worth the effort.
  6. Refer to the video below.

Tight glutes can be a factor in poor posture, back immobility, and a reduced range of motion in the hips and legs. By spending a few minutes per week on keeping the glutes relaxed, other issues such as tight ITB’s, back issues, and hip-flexor tightness can also be relieved.

UNITEDUntightening the glutes

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