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Hamstring heaven

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Hamstrings seem to take a beating regardless of the activities we perform. Any lifting, running, or general movement from the feet or hips will require engagement from the hamstrings at some point. Here is a really basic movement for you to utilise to get those little devils loose and cooperative so you can keep your performance up.

Hamstring release equipment

Like the majority of our mobility suggestions, the hamstring release requires very little equipment:

  • A trigger-point ball
  • A flat, hard, elevated surface (hard chair, table, plyometric box, etc)

Let’s do it

Easy peasy:

  1. First up, sit on the chair/box/table as per the second dot point above. Ensure that you are sitting far enough forward that your knee is about 5-10cm in front of the chair/box/table you are sitting on.
  2. Take the trigger-point ball and place underneath your thigh.
  3. Let the weight of your leg exert pressure on the trigger-point ball.
  4. Move the ball to various positions until you find a tender area.
  5. Slowly raise your leg from the knee a few times to actively work on the knotted area.
  6. Continue to move the ball around working different areas.
  7. It will hurt. Stay strong. Remember, you’re awesome.

The video below demonstrates the movement perfectly.

This hamstring release movement is a beauty. It is simple, quite quick, and can be done almost anywhere. Freeing up the hamstring will go a long way towards keeping your running efforts smooth, and reduce pain and immobility in your legs, hips and even throughout your back and spine.

UNITEDHamstring heaven

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