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Illinois Agility Test

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The Illinois Agility Test is a simple agility benchmark which determines how quickly and efficiently participants can move through a weaving running course. It is not a particularly equipment-intensive routine which makes it easy to set up in a backyard, gym room, or park.


The Illinois Agility Test requires the following equipment:

  • A rectangular space of 10 metres long x 5 metres wide.
  • Four markers to weave in and out of – shoes will work fine if you don’t have traffic cones or domes. Place markers in a straight line, evenly, down the middle of the space you will be working in. Make sure the first and last markers are no closer to the perimeter than 1 metre.
  • A stop watch or clock.

Illinois Agility Test map

The process

Basically the Illinois Agility Test is a shuttle run with a slalom section down the centre.

Begin at one end of the space you will be working in, and to one side of the markers down the middle (note the “start” marker on the image above), and follow the steps below as quickly as you can:

  1. Run to the other end of the course.
  2. Run back.
  3. Run to the other end again but weaving in and out of the markers in a figure-eight pattern.
  4. Run back, again weaving in and out of the markers in a figure-eight pattern.
  5. Run to the other end.
  6. Run to the finish.
  7. View your time.

That’s it. Click the image below for an illustration of the process outlined above.

Illinois Agility Test diagram

It is a quick and simple benchmark for testing your agility but like any benchmark, you can modify it as necessary if you are looking for something more challenging:

  • Multiple rounds (3, 5, or 10) with a one minute break in between rounds.
  • Multiple rounds (3, 5, or 10) without a break.
  • Substitute bear-crawls for running.
  • Grab a friend and do a relay style agility test.
  • Or, see how many rounds you can do in a set time-frame (1, 5, or 10 minutes).

Agility plays a huge part in athletic performance. Even adding something like the Illinois Agility Test to a warm-up is a great way to work on your ability to move powerfully, quickly, and efficiently.

UNITEDIllinois Agility Test

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