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Banded Wall Squat

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Image courtesy of Albany CrossFit

The banded wall squat is a great stretch to perform before or after a routine, particularly if that routine involves any form of squatting. It allows the athlete to arrive in a position where they can relax whilst a resistance band does most of the work.

The movement involves wrapping a resistance band around your waist and then around both knees whilst in the squat position. From there, wriggle yourself as close to a wall as possible and place the soles of your feet against the wall. Refer to the video below:

Stay in this position for 90 seconds to two minutes, and take a break by un-banding, and having a walk around or doing some controlled lunges. Repeat this process two or three times.

The banded wall squat is a quality mobility movement to add to your repertoire. Keep a resistance band in your kit, and if you have five minutes before or after a workout, strap in and stretch out. Your hips will love you for it.

UNITEDBanded Wall Squat

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